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ema was developed by CONVAR EUROPE (UK) Ltd. and is one of the most modern REAL TIME ONLINE REPAIR INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

With Convar's ema system, you can fully automate repair procedures, repair process control and the exchange of repair information.

ema provides for menu-guided order entry by the end-customer on the Web, by e-mail or SMS or using a WAP service. All data are stored centrally and checked for plausibility. Using the ema repair management software, the issue and supervision of RMA numbers can be fully automated.

The software can be seamlessly adapted to the company's requirements by means of the following repair modules:

  • Repair reception
  • Repair control
  • Repair instructions
  • Dispatch processing
  • Customer information system
  • Guarantee processing and checking
  • Complaints management
  • invoicing

Using the ema software from Convar, the administrative costs of repair handling can be reduced by 25 to 50 %, depending on the business sector.

Using the Excel™ interfaces developed by Convar, repair report and statistical outputs can be generated in seconds.

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