••Welcome to CONVAR

Your innovative, multifaceted service partner.
Watch our short company video to gain an insight into what we do.

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Data recovery, repair service, logistics solutions – and much more.» Video
••With strong roots in the region. At home in Europe.» Video
••Premium technology at its best
Not for everyone. Just for you.
••Design and sustainability
••Green IT. Security for your data - good for the environment
Give your hard disk
a new home
••BytePAC - the first hard disk for the shelf
••enhanced management application
ema keeps you
fully informed
••Transparent processes. Real-time management. Fast and flexible.
••PC Inspector – first aid for data loss.
professional software.
Easy to use. Free
••Discover our comprehensive PC Inspector Suite
••Quality has a name
There's no such thing as a hopeless case.
Not for us - „Die Datenretter”.
clean rooms are vital for our work.
••Logistics. Dynamic, flexible and designed with the customer in mind.
Optimised for the markets of the future.
Web-based and with real-time monitoring
••A one-stop service.
Bespoke solutions at a fair price.
••Outstanding repair service with quality guarantee
Perfect Web-supported and documented workflow.
••Repairs down to the finest detail
••Design, marketing and logistics.
The ALL-IN-ONE solution from CONVAR
Professional product photos
and 360° product animation
••Programming, analysis and development of customer-designed modifications
••Native speaker competence is our standard.
In ALL languages.
Efficient, friendly communication on all levels.
••Our customer service sets new standards!
••Tasty, high-energy snacks for
Emergency and long-term supplies made to order.
25-year shelf life
••Supply of drinking water and highly effective drinking water filter
for use at home and on the move
••Gourmet products.Tinned regional
and desserts
Exquisite, restaurant-quality dishes.
The new lifestyle trend for the home.
••Complete menus that anyone can cook
••ByteSPOTTER - ARTline. IT combined with art
Innovative IT products
••Customised products and limited editions.
For special occasions
••New and innovative foods for today and tomorrow
Branding, marketing and market launch of innovative food industry products.
••Marketing and graphic design service. Print and online.
Our ByteCLOUD guarantees a sunny future for you and your data.
Fast and highly secure.
No matter what cloud you're on, your data is safe with us
••The new generation spam filter.
Simply brilliant
Say goodbye to spam and viruses.
••Server, IT infrastructure and experts – all based here
High-speed servers and personalised consulting services.
At one of the most secure sites in the southwest. Here with us.
Whatever you need, we have it. And we will show you what you need.
DNS hosting. Dependable, high-performance and transparent
HIGHSPEED is something we don't just talk about – we make it happen
••An unbeatable combination.
Our specialist expertise and our best hardware
Security concepts for the
challenges of today and tomorrow
••We protect your IT environment.
So that you can focus on more important matters
••We tell you what you need and
also what you don't need
We give your IT system a complete audit
and make sure it’s performing at its best
••We provide you
with reliable, practical and honest advice
••An important point in history, as well as in our company's history.
The 9/11 attacks on the WTC
CONVAR™ - service in a new dimension
••Combining maximum efficiency with optimum sustainability.
That's what we do.
100% access control
••We look forward to seeing you.
••Globally networked and yet so close
Down-to-earth, regional and here for the long haul.
Start remote connection after consulting our Support team.
You can take part in an online presentation here as soon as you receive an invitation from us
••Ganz schön sexy.
ByteSPOTTER lässt im FHM Magazin die Hüllen fallen.
Begleiten Sie uns zu wichtigen
nationalen und internationalen Veranstaltungen.
••Wissenswertes und spannendes über unser soziales Engagement.
••CONVAR™ - a completely different type of company
CONVAR™ - incredibly diverse
••CONVARAt home in the southwest
••Kheese - the exquisite cheese sauce - always a pleasure
Kheese is only made with the finest, all-natural and wholesome ingredients
••freeze-dried, long durable and incredibly tasty
The most beautiful hard disk of all time
Our ByteSpotter - especially for you
••Access your data, anytime,
anywhere - future-proof
••Exquisite bread and cake in a tin
Bread is a piece of vitality
••Only the finest ingredients - without preservatives
and without flavour enhancer
••Pure organic wheat and rye - nothing else !
Premium organic quality.
With an incredible minimum
shelf life of 10 years.
••Best cereals optimally prepared for long term storage.
••EF - the 1st choice for meals in case of emergency.
EF - Ready To Eat Meals - Anytime, Anywhere.
Be Prepared!
••EF - Instant food! - Extremely robust! - Tasty!
••...und Dosenkochen soooo einfach!
Einfach. Kinderleicht
und praktisch!
••Schön. Bunt. tindle!